Glass scale: Overcome challenging measuring tasks

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prometra GmbH (formerly Gravo-Optic GmbH) is a small company located in Balzers,Liechtenstein. It has been active in metrology since Fritz Helferich founded it in 1966.

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The series production of goods, such as the sewing machine as the first household appliance, began with the dawn of the industrial age. The essential for series production was that all the components used were "replaceable", which required the simultaneous development of "industrial metrology".

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Our philosophy is, on the contrary, to "live" quality by putting our knowledge and abilities at the service of the customer and by doing everything possible to fulfil our customers’ needs both now and in the future.

Glass scale: Overcome challenging measuring tasks

The prometra GmbH precision glass scale makes challenging measuring tasks a thing of the past, and is relied upon by satisfied clients all over the world. When accuracy is essential a glass scale is the perfect solution, and prometra is able to adapt its fine precision measuring tools to meet your requirements. A leader in glass scale development, prometra GmbH was at the forefront of the huge changes in manufacturing and technology that lead to an increase in the use of this type of equipment. At the start of the 20th century, mechanical products such as sewing machines were becoming increasingly common, and as other appliances followed the need for universal parts or 'profiles' grew. Technical drawings alone couldn't be relied upon, as changing conditions such as fluctuation in ambient temperature caused inconsistencies. A precise and highly effective measuring device was required, and prometra's glass scale was created to fill this unique role.

Glass scale with impressive specifications

Today, the prometra GmbH glass scale is used for a wide range of complicated measuring tasks. It is well suited to the production or assessment of control or measuring drawings, cartography and survey plans, and the glass scale is used in presentation technology in electronics, graphics, and other optical applications. prometra's high precision glass scale has a read-off of 0.10mm / 0.005" and shows metric, inch and double scale divisions. Two superior grade magnifiers are mounted on the acrylic glass supports, enabling the glass scale to provide readings that are increased up to 15 times with Ø12mm field of view. A handle makes exact positioning easy and the glass scale has fine thread adjustment for precise focus, while red centring rings have been included to prevent parallax. A battery powered magnifier lighting aid can provide clarity when working in dull or confined spaces, and white strips enable glass scale readings to be taken against a dark background. All graduations are marked in large and small characters, and the division marks and figures are stamped sharply in chrome on the glass scale body for a durable and scratch-resistant finish.

Glass scale for accuracy and peace of mind

In today's competitive world it's more important than ever to ensure that measurements are accurate and reliable. Companies in every sector of commerce, manufacture and technology count on the prometra GmbH glass scale for results that they can trust. The glass scale can be used by any member of your staff who has a basic knowledge of figures, and clear, accurate readings are simple to take. You'll enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of your measurements are reliable and consistent thanks to the glass scale. Whether you need parts drawings for profiles or whether you want to create accurate technical plans, the prometra GmbH glass scale will assure you of success and excellence. prometra GmbH continues to bring clients the glass scale they demand, and can tailor its products to your requirements. Why not take a look at to get a clearer view of the benefits you'll enjoy with a glass scale, or call one of our professional team for further details?

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