Measuring instruments: what your instruments say about you

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prometra GmbH (formerly Gravo-Optic GmbH) is a small company located in Balzers,Liechtenstein. It has been active in metrology since Fritz Helferich founded it in 1966.

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The series production of goods, such as the sewing machine as the first household appliance, began with the dawn of the industrial age. The essential for series production was that all the components used were "replaceable", which required the simultaneous development of "industrial metrology".

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Our philosophy is, on the contrary, to "live" quality by putting our knowledge and abilities at the service of the customer and by doing everything possible to fulfil our customers’ needs both now and in the future.

Measuring instruments: what your instruments say about you

Whatever the size of your company, you're certain to have many tasks that require accurate measurements to be taken - but are your measuring instruments up to the job? prometra GmbH produces a range of highly accurate measuring instruments that includes the chrom micro scale or precision scale, glass scale and electronic scale. The company is a leader in the design and development of precision measuring instruments and its range is trusted by an international clientele. All prometra GmbH measuring instruments are made to the most exacting standards, and will enable you to take accurate readings every time. From the humble hand ruler to complex measuring instruments like the glass scale, there is a good selection at your disposal today. However, certain tasks demand equipment that provides exceptional accuracy, and which is consistent and durable, and prometra's range of measuring instruments is the perfect solution.

Measuring instruments that are tailored to your needs

Choosing the right measuring instruments is vital if you want results that you can count on. When there is no room for error, a precision scale such as prometra's chrom micro scale is an inspired choice. Able to take measurements that are as precise as 0.01mm or 0.001", this exceptional glass scale is a prime example of the easy to use measuring instruments that prometra excels in. It shows double scale, inches in divisions of 0.005" and metric measurements in divisions of 0.10mm, and a powerful magnifier can increase reading up to 15 x in an Ø12mm viewing field. Like the prometra glass scale, the chrom micro scale has red centring rings which prevent parallax when using the magnifier and magnifier lights. Glass scales are trusted by companies from every sector, and prometra excels in advanced measuring instruments that are reliable, scratch-resistant and of course, accurate. An electronic scale is the ideal choice when an immediate reading is required, and the digital display on these measuring instruments is clear, stable and accurate. Plus, the prometra GmbH electronic scale can be connected to your printer or PC, enabling you to use measuring instruments in conjunction with production line equipment such as CNC milling machines.

Measuring instruments for the 21st century

All prometra GmbH measuring instruments have been created from the finest materials. Chrome markings add clarity and are long-lasting, while high grade glass and plastic ensure that these measuring instruments are durable and scratch-resistant. The glass scale and chrom micro scale can be used in any setting, and the clear, white strips make it easy to take readings against a dark field. The electronic scale is an invaluable asset in manufacturing and processing, and all measuring instruments can be adapted to the client's specifications by prometra GmbH. A range of optional accessories for measuring instruments is also available, such as a digital dial for the precision scale, or couplers to attach the electronic scale to your PC easily. Tough materials and sturdy carrying cases mean that measuring instruments can be stored safely or used in a wide variety of locations. prometra GmbH is the measuring instruments supplier of choice for companies from a wide range of sectors, and this collection of high quality glass scales, electronic scales and precision scales enables you to complete tasks that demand a high level of accuracy with confidence. Measuring instruments are used for a diverse range of applications in technology and manufacturing today, and you can learn more at

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