Precision scale: discover a versatile, high grade solution

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prometra GmbH (formerly Gravo-Optic GmbH) is a small company located in Balzers,Liechtenstein. It has been active in metrology since Fritz Helferich founded it in 1966.

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The series production of goods, such as the sewing machine as the first household appliance, began with the dawn of the industrial age. The essential for series production was that all the components used were "replaceable", which required the simultaneous development of "industrial metrology".

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Our philosophy is, on the contrary, to "live" quality by putting our knowledge and abilities at the service of the customer and by doing everything possible to fulfil our customers’ needs both now and in the future.

Precision scale: discover a versatile, high grade solution

prometra GmbH are adept at developing the type of measuring instruments that meet the needs of clients today, and its precision scale, glass scale and electronic scale are considered to be among the finest measuring instruments available. A precision scale for example, such as the chrom micro scale that can be seen at is used by companies from a huge range of backgrounds. A precision scale is perfect for the complex metrology that is required to produce intricate plans and drawings, or in the creation of profiles and standards that rely on an exceptional level of accuracy. Every prometra precision scale, glass scale or electronic scale is a magnificent feat of technology, engineering, design and craftsmanship. Choosing a precision scale such as this will enable you to complete measuring tasks with confidence, thanks to the unerring accuracy of all prometra precision measuring tools.

Precision scale that ensures a high degree of accuracy

Every company has measuring tasks that need to be undertaken on a regular basis, and of course some are more complicated than others. A precision scale offers an impressive degree of accuracy - vital in fields such as cartography, architecture, technology and manufacturing. The prometra GmbH precision scale or chrom micro scale is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment of its type, and features such as the handle and the stable guide frame allow this versatile precision scale to be positioned exactly. The special measuring dial is one of the standard precision scale fittings, and it shows accurate readings based on the distance travelled by the glass scale within its guide frame. Measurements can be taken in both imperial and metric values, and prometra's precision scale allows you to measure as exactly as 0.01mm or 0.001". Furthermore, two powerful precision scale magnifiers enhance the Ø12mm viewing field to 15 xs, and can be illuminated for further clarity. The precision scale magnifiers also feature red centring rings which assure fully perpendicular viewing and guard against parallax.

Precision scale: A reputation built on outstanding performance

prometra GmbH developed its precision scale, glass scale and electronic scale range based on the needs of its clients. Advances in manufacturing and technology since the early 20th century meant that increasingly specialised instruments like the prometra precision scale were in high demand, and the company has been at the head of its field since 1966. Based in Balzers, Liechtenstein, prometra GmbH continues to develop its precision scale, and unique accessories such as an electronic measuring dial can be selected if required. The company is able to adapt the precision scale, allowing you to create a customised precision scale that assures you of accurate results every time. When accuracy is essential, the prometra GmbH precision scale is the ideal solution, and it is widely used in reprographics, graphics, presentation technology in electronics, or the creation of control drawings. Whatever your particular background or requirements, you can find out more about the precision scale, glass scale or electronic scale at

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